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As a service to our corporate clients, Sensia offers weekly updates on the COVID pandemic.  Sensia provides this information to keep you as up to date as possible on the everchanging COVID landscape.


May 12, 2021


Lots of news regarding COVID but let’s start with the numbers.  The 7-day average of cases in the United States has continued a steady decline to 38,678 on May 9 in comparison to 48,164 on May 2 and 55,186 on April 26.  The 7-day average for death in the United States is also declining and was 608 on May 9 in comparison to 658 on May 2 and 666 on April 26.  The total number of deaths attributed to COVID stands at 578,945 as of May 9.


Wisconsin is on the decline as well.  The 7-day case average in Wisconsin was 642 on May 9 in comparison to 737 on May 2 and 712 on April 26.  The 7-day average for deaths in Wisconsin has stabilized around 12 on May 9 after hovering around 6 for several weeks.


Michigan continues to improve!  In Michigan, the 7-day average caseload was 2714 on May 9 in comparison to 3587 on May 2 and 5144 on April 26.  The 7-day death rate in Michigan was 36 on May 9 in comparison to the mid 20’s previously.  Expectation is that the death rate in Wisconsin and Michigan will begin to fall as well.


In spite of the improving trends, an analysis by the University of Washington suggests that the COVID statistics sited by the CDC are underreporting the true numbers.  The mortality from COVID is likely twice as high in the United States with an estimated death toll of over 900,000 people.  The “revised” death toll would indicate that COVID has been more deadly than the 1918 flu pandemic where 675,000 Americans died.  Ultimately, we may never know the true burden of the disease.


The COVID vaccination statistics continue to impress.  Over 262,000,000 COVID vaccinations have been administered in the United States.  As of May 9, 46.0% of Americans have received at least one dose and 34.8% are fully vaccinated.  Of those older than 18 years of age, 58.2% have received at least one dose and 44.3% are fully vaccinated.  Of those older than 65 years of age, 83.7% have received at least one dose and 71.5% are fully vaccinated.


Unfortunately, the overall rate of vaccination is decreasing with many states cutting back on their requests for vaccine.  At the same time, the belief is that the COVID pandemic is turning a corner in the United States.  Authorities are stressing the need to stay the course until July with a goal of administering at least one COVID vaccine shot to 70% of Americans.  Projections are for a significant decrease in cases if the country can stay the course until then.


Thankfully, the Pfizer COVID vaccine has been approved for use in those aged 12 to 15 by the FDA.  The Pfizer vaccine had previously been approved for those aged 16 and older.  Ultimately the more people of all ages who are vaccinated the better.


The best strategy continues to be to practice mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing along with encouraging all Americans to get vaccinated for COVID.


COVID Vaccine Update and World News


The COVID pandemic continues out of control in India.  New cases are reported at over 300,000 per day with almost 250,000 total deaths.  The actual numbers in India are believed to possibly be 10 times higher than the reported statistics.  Strict lockdowns have been put in place throughout the country.  Shortage of medical supplies especially oxygen continues.  The vaccination rate remains at a low level.  Hopefully, the tide in India will turn soon.


The World Health Organization classified the COVID variant B.1.617 as a global concern.  The variant was initially identified in India last year and is felt to be more transmissible than prior strains.  The variant has also spread to countries surrounding India.  The India variant is the fourth designated as a global concern alongside that of Britain, South Africa, and Brazil.


Fortunately, the Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be highly effective at combating the Britain B.1.1.7 and South Africa B.1.351 variants.  The robust antibody response is thought to be a crucial reason for the protection afforded.  Whether the vaccines in general are as effective against the Brazil and India variants remains to be determined.  Regardless, to date, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have demonstrated a high degree of protection without serious side effects.  The administration of the COVID vaccines is at the heart of eventually controlling the pandemic.


Sensia conducts presentations at the worksite to inform hesitant employees regarding the benefits of COVID vaccination.  The sessions are designed to interact with the employees and openly address any questions.  If you are interested in learning more about these presentations, please let Sensia know.  Ultimately, we benefit individually and collectively from the COVID vaccine.


Sensia’s Service Summary


Sensia provides comprehensive Occupational Health, Wellness, and Primary Care services to employers and their employees by providing medical clinics and/or medical staff at the worksite.  Sensia actively assists our clients in managing the COVID pandemic.  Sensia is an independent healthcare organization not affiliated with any of the hospital-based systems.  At Sensia, our client is the employer and their employees.  References are available upon request.


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