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As a service to our corporate clients, Sensia offers weekly updates on the COVID pandemic.  Sensia provides this information to keep you as up to date as possible on the everchanging COVID landscape.

April 21, 2021

Perhaps we are just starting to see a downward trend in the recent rise in COVID cases.  The 7-day average of cases in the United States was 67,442 on April 17 in comparison to 69,953 on April 13 and 64,339 on April 7.  The 7-day average for death in the United States has followed a similar trend of 695 on April 17 in comparison to 704 on April 13 and 642 on April 7.  The total number of deaths attributed to COVID stands at 563,980 as of April 18.

A similar trend is present in Wisconsin.  The 7-day case average in Wisconsin was 864 on April 17 in comparison to 921 on April 13 and 800 on April 7.  The 7-day average for deaths in Wisconsin has remained around 6 per day over the last two weeks.  For comparison, the highest 7-day average for death in Wisconsin was 68 on December 7, 2020.  A huge improvement!

Michigan remains a local concern but has also shown some possible improvement.  In Michigan, the 7-day average caseload was 7613 on April 17 in comparison to 7873 on April 13 and 7020 on April 7.  In spite of the rise in cases, the 7-day death rate in Michigan remains relatively flat and has fluctuated at around 25 over the last 10 days.

The COVID vaccination statistics are very encouraging.  Over 209,000,000 COVID vaccinations have been administered in the United States.  As of April 18, 39.5% of Americans have received at least one dose and 25.4% are fully vaccinated.  Of those older than 18 years of age, 50.4% have received at least one dose and 32.5% are fully vaccinated.  Of those older than 65 years of age, 81.0% have received at least one dose and 65.9% are fully vaccinated.  With minor variation, essentially the same statistics apply to Wisconsin.  Currently about 4,000,000 vaccinations are being administered nationwide per day.

The best strategy continues to be to practice mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing along with encouraging all Americans to get vaccinated for COVID.

COVID Vaccine Update

Unfortunately, use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine remains on hold pending further safety review by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  Recommendations regarding the J&J vaccine are expected to be released on Friday, April 23.  Although safety is always the primary concern, the action to withhold use of the J&J vaccine will probably prove to be overkill.

The rare blood clotting disorder Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis has been identified in six people who received the J&J vaccine of which one has died.  Over 6.8 million J&J vaccinations had been administered in the United States prior to the hold equating to less than one incident per million vaccinations.  Although CVST is rare, the overall occurrence in adults is approximately three per million people and is associated with the presence of multiple comorbidities.  Whether the cases of CVST that occurred in those who received the J&J vaccine was even related to the vaccine is open to question.

The European Union has elected to resume use of the J&J vaccine with the warning of the possibility of a rare side effect.  The conclusion was made by the EU that the benefits of the J&J vaccine outweigh the risks.  Good news since the COVID pandemic is still raging in other countries.

To add insult to injury, the production of the J&J vaccine in a facility in Baltimore has been suspended due to concerns regarding contamination.  As a result, the Baltimore supplier contracted by J&J to manufacture the vaccine, Emergent BioSolutions, is under federal investigation.  To date, all of the J&J vaccine administered in the United States was produced overseas.  None of the J&J vaccine produced in the United States was distributed.  Estimates are that about 15,000,000 doses were wasted.

If and when the J&J vaccine is ever cleared for use, Americans will likely view the vaccine with suspicion which could fuel vaccine hesitancy.  A very unfortunate series of events.

Sensia’s Service Summary

Sensia provides comprehensive Occupational Health, Wellness, and Primary Care services to employers and their employees by providing medical clinics and/or medical staff at the worksite.  Sensia actively assists our clients in managing the COVID pandemic.  Sensia is an independent healthcare organization not affiliated with any of the hospital-based systems.  At Sensia, our client is the employer and their employees.  References are available upon request.

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