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The Sensia Solution

Simply put, healthier employees are safer, less expensive, and more productive.

The Sensia Solution is to assist you in creating a Corporate Culture of Health and Safety. Sensia provides comprehensive Occupational Health, Wellness, and Primary Care services to employers and their employees at the worksite. We bring effective and affordable medical care, including treatment of work-related injuries, to your employees at work.

Sensia is an independent provider of healthcare services. Our goal is to serve you and your employees, not the interests of a hospital-based system. Sensia utilizes a HIPAA compliant and confidential proprietary software program which allows us to customize our services to each client.

Sensia is able to demonstrate clinic utilization and return on investment reports for our services.


2020 Holiday Goals: Reduce Stress

2020 Holiday Goals: Reduce Stress

It’s almost November and the holidays will soon be upon us. The holidays as we once knew them may be quite different this year due to the pandemic. There may be added stress brought upon us by numerous other things, including:  Doing too much  Eating, drinking and...

Walk for the Health of It

Walk for the Health of It

Walking and moving more outdoors can be a winning strategy for you and your family to support your mental, emotional, and physical health needs, while following social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Walking is a free, convenient, and fun activity...

Sensia’s Employee Healthcare Position

Sensia’s Employee Healthcare Position

We’re almost 6 months into COVID-19… How is your business doing? Sensia’s employee healthcare position is that every employer and employee will need to remain diligent and prepared to deal with COVID-19 throughout the remainder of 2020 and into the start of 2021....

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